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Ferrari 458 Italia Cluster
Ferrari 458 Italia Cluster

Chevrolet New Sail Cluster
Ferrari 458 Italia Cluster
Fisker Karma Interior
Hyundai Sonata Cluster
Nissan Juke Speedometer
Volkswagen Jetta Control Panel
Volkswagen New Polo Radio Control Panel
Yamaha Motorcycle Panel

Varitronix is an established leader in displays for automotive use. With more than 10 years of experience in this sector, we are fully aware of customers’ needs and able to provide a wide range of automotive grade products tested to meet the stringent TS16949 standards. Many most well-known car brands use our products; it is estimated that there is a Varitronix display in every car in Europe.

We offer a series of choices as below for automotive applications ranging from in car entertainment to instrument clusters:

Improved Black Nematic (IBN) a compensation film and a special alignment layer are used to enhance the viewing angels and improve contrast ratio
Improved STN (ISTN) a liquid crystal polymer film is used to compensate light dispersion
Double STN (DSTN) a dummy LCD cell is used to compensate light dispersion and improve viewing properties
Enhanced STN (ESTN) the liquid crystal layer is doped with a blue dye to compensate light dispersion
Film compensated STN (FSTN) a film is used between the STN display and rear polarizer to compensate light dispersion

All these technologies offer different benefits in terms of operating temperature, cost effectiveness, and modes of display but they are all equally reliable, robust and can depict clear and easy-to-read images.


Automotive Applications: GPS Navigation, Climate Control, Speed Camera Detectors, Speedometer, Car Audio, Dashboard, Clock, Gear Indicator, Televisions, etc.


For advice regarding a suitable display for your application, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.



Industrial Use Climate Control Panel
Industrial Use Climate Control Panel

Blood Glucose Meter
CTM Arcelik Fridge
Energy Meter
Fluke Meter
Industrial Use Climate Control Panel
Infusion Drug Pump
Studio Control Panel
SybronEndo Fill & Obturatio
Washing Machine

Varitronix understands the demands required for the industrial domain and is highly experienced in selecting and manufacturing the right product for the right application.

We have developed various industrial grade displays ranging from high reliable TN/STN displays, high contrast IBN to high luminance TFT displays; all feature wide operating temperature, robust build quality and long lifetime. Our products are highly suited to an array of industrial, medical, marine and outdoor applications where excellent view ability and high reliability are required in all light conditions and under extreme temperature range. In addition, white goods (i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc.) can also benefit from diverse Varitronix displays. Our high-quality products have gained worldwide recognition and have been used by many world-famous home appliances brands.


Industrial Applications: Diagnostic Tools, Thermometers, ECG Monitors, Heating Controls, Vending Machines, Packaging Equipment, Electrical Test Equipment, Metering, White Goods, etc.


For advice regarding a suitable display for your application, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.


MP3 Media Player
MP3 Media Player

MP3 Media Player
USB Memory Stick
Sleeping Device

Besides automotive and industrial sectors, Varitronix is also a leader in designing and manufacturing displays for other products including brown goods (i.e. radios, digital media players, digital clocks, etc.), portable handheld devices and creative products. We offer displays that address high brightness and resolutions, fast response and cost effectiveness.

Keeping an eye on the market trends, we continue to develop new products to meet the dynamic market needs. Besides TN/STNTFT and BCD displays, we also provide LCD solutions to 3D Glasses and Active Barrier displays due to the growing popularity of 3D applications.


Other Applications: Radios, Digital Clocks, Digital Media Players, USB Memory Sticks, Electronic Books, Cameras, Digital Photo Viewers, Handheld Portable Devices, Video Game Consoles, etc.


For advice regarding a suitable display for your application, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.




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