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3D Glasses


Varitronix 3D shutter glass
Varitronix 3D shutter glass

3D glasses for Panasonic
3D glasses for Sony
Varitronix 3D shutter glass


Varitronix provides LCD solutions to shutter glasses to meet the increasing popularity of 3D applications. The LCD shutter glasses alternately dim over one eye and then the other to create the illusion of a three dimensional image when used in conjunction with 3D TVs. Compared to the conventional polarized glasses or red cyan glasses, LCD shutter glasses effectively eliminate ghosting and enable more vivid 3D viewing experience in the full colour spectrum.


3d glasses

We offer full module of LCD shutter glasses as well as tailor-made solutions to meet various requirements from customers.


For advice regarding a suitable display for your application, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.


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