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Touch Panel


3.7 inch Projected Capacitive Type Touch Panel
3.7 inch Projected Capacitive Type Touch Panel

7 inch Projected Capacitive Type Touch Panel
3.7 inch Projected Capacitive Type Touch Panel
5 inch Projected Capacitive Type Touch Panel


Varitronix offers a series of touch panel products based on the Projected mutual XY Capacitive Touch technology, which addresses higher durability and transmittance, compared to Resistance Touch technology.


*XY Matrix Projected Capacitive

*XY Matrix Projected Capacitive


The panel supports multi-touch detection with up to 10 points. It can be operated using various industrial or medical gloves within extreme temperature range and in wet environment. Our touch panel products are integrated with Varitronix’s expertise in automotive and industrial grade LCD design, and will be perfect match for various industrial and automotive applications.


Key features:

  • In-factory tuning for LCD noise
  • Optical bonding available
  • Integrated electrical and mechanical design consideration
  • Controller IC close to sensor for best performance
  • Focus on industrial and automotive markets

We provide standard products as well as flexible design as per customers’ requirements. This includes:

  • Cover lens (AG, AF and AGAF)
  • Index match bonding
  • Interface board
  • Mechanical mounting
  • Polarizer on Top
  • Anti-Shatter Film (ASF)

For advice regarding a suitable display for your application, please contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.


*All Varitronix displays offer a range of polariser, backlight colour and temperature range options.

Touch Panel

 Panel Size   Application   Description   Part no   Aspect Ratio   Brightness   Contrast Ratio   Resolution   Op Temp (oC) 
 3.5" Industrial WQVGA Landscape COG-P356T2102-01 15:9 450 300:1 480 x 272 -20/70
 4.3" Industrial WQVGA Landscape COG-P436V2102-01 15:9 450 800:1 480 x 272 -20/70
 5.0" Industrial QVGA Portrait COG-P506F2082-01 3:4 450 800:1 240 x 320 -20/70
 5.7" Industrial VGA Landscape COG-P576T2112-01 4:3 450 600:1 640 x 480 -20/70
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